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Welcome to .Forever Clone.‘s section of Chrono-Heart! Below, you’ll find the chapter list for the current Act (book), so please either continue where you left off, or, if you’re new, welcome to the site and start at the beginning, which is Act III!

.Forever Clone. is many things; first and foremost, it’s a magical girl deconstruction (so if you’ve ever seen Puella Magi Madoka Magica or Revolutionary Girl Utena, it’s in similar in style to those). Then there’s equal gender involvement (yay male and female protagonists!), and later in the series, I do explore themes in gender and sexual orientation identity. And trauma, because you can’t deconstruct the above without a few characters becoming traumatized in the process. As such, please be aware that any given chapter can possibly have triggers, ranging from suicide/suicidal thoughts, rape, sexism, and graphic violence. If any of these are triggers for you, please take into consideration that I don’t mark each chapter for warnings, so they may show up at any given time.

In a world where magic is dying out, barely anyone in the world even knows about it’s existence anymore. Almost two years prior, Kaiyleyn Amaru found out about the archaic art, however, when she accidentally placed herself in a life-and-death situation, and in a bout of desperation activated her innate ability of using magic. As she quickly discovers, she is the reincarnated princess from a long forgotten and destroyed magic kingdom, and there are certain groups that want her dead because of it.

I update on Sundays (usually later in the night), and update Tumblr (which is supposed to feed to Twitter which in turn should feed to Facebook) when I do post, so if you’re interested in getting to the page the fastest, please follow/friend those accounts (or subscribe to the rss feed!). I also do try to keep the character information sections as up-to-date with the current chapter’s information as I can, so, if you’re curious about any of the characters within the series thus far, please feel free to check them out but be wary of spoilers!





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